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Releases Previous 24 Hours

A list of inmates released at the Polk County Jail in the last 24 hours. Inmates with Federal charges are not listed.

Record of an arrest is not an indication of guilt. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office does not provide case disposition. Disposition of cases can be searched here.

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The following inmates were released in the previous 24 hours.

Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameAgeRelease Date
ANDRADE MENDOZA GILBERTO 2611/24/2014 1:24:04 AM
BALLARD RONALD LEVI 4211/24/2014 8:28:28 AM
BRYANT TAYLOR MORRISON 3011/24/2014 1:36:34 AM
DUDLEY ALLEN 2011/23/2014 10:11:30 AM
FULLER RAYMOND JUNIOR 5611/24/2014 5:11:33 AM
GARNER JEREMY T DECHUN 2511/24/2014 1:51:54 AM
GEHRKEY ROBERT EDWARD 5311/23/2014 10:11:15 AM
GIBSON TYLER DANIEL 2211/24/2014 1:39:35 AM
GOLSTON LARRY SAURRY 5911/23/2014 11:50:44 PM
GRADY BREON TREVELLE 2011/23/2014 1:25:48 PM
GRAFTON MICHAEL DAVID 2911/24/2014 9:01:59 AM
GYLES ANTHONY MICHAEL 2511/24/2014 1:26:22 AM
HARRIS JACK 2711/23/2014 11:58:43 AM
HOLMES DANIEL SHANE 4011/24/2014 1:34:58 AM
HOUSMAN JOSEPH MICHAEL 3511/23/2014 11:56:53 PM
HOUSTON DAY`LON RAY 2511/24/2014 2:00:45 AM
HULL SANDRA ELAINE 6111/24/2014 9:21:06 AM
JEMERIGBE GABRIELA 3911/23/2014 11:48:42 AM
JUSTICE KATRINA LILLIAN 2811/24/2014 2:44:27 AM
KHAM PIN 2611/23/2014 7:43:38 PM
KINSEY KYLE CHRISTOPHER 3111/23/2014 6:33:44 PM
MCCARVILLE CHAD WILLIAM 3511/24/2014 9:03:54 AM
MCELWEE KEITH HUNTER ROBERT 2411/24/2014 12:02:38 AM
MCENANY SHANNON DONNELL 4411/23/2014 8:16:22 PM
MCFADDEN LUKE LEROY 2011/23/2014 11:50:06 AM
MOBERG DAVID LEE 5611/23/2014 10:50:24 AM
MYERS MEREDITH MIKELL 2311/24/2014 1:11:54 AM
PALMER WILLIAM HENRY 2711/23/2014 5:37:47 PM
PONXS-GREEN COLBY TYLER 2711/24/2014 12:01:54 AM
PRESSLEY JAMES ONEAL 5011/24/2014 8:02:25 AM
PRICE VOSCH VONSHE 2611/24/2014 12:01:20 AM
RHODEMAN RAYMOND LEE 3711/23/2014 1:27:10 PM
SHERIDAN DAVID MICHAEL 3711/24/2014 1:26:19 AM
SIMON DEMARKUS DEANGELO 3611/24/2014 2:21:39 AM
SPARKS CLINTON THOMAS 3611/24/2014 1:33:07 AM
STINSON BRENT THOMAS 3211/24/2014 1:32:57 AM
TORRES JUAREZ MARINO 4611/23/2014 12:33:49 PM
YOUNG ASHLEY MONIQUE 2211/24/2014 3:46:38 AM
YOUNG CRAIG EUGENE 5411/23/2014 9:34:30 PM


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