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The following inmates were booked in the previous 24 hours.
A = Active I = Released

Last NameFirst NameAgeBooking DateStatus
WILLIAMS JOYCE 2201/23/2017 03:56 AMA
GIPSON LAWRENCE 3501/23/2017 03:46 AMA
OWENS DEONTAYE 2501/23/2017 03:38 AMA
ADAMS MAISHA 2001/23/2017 03:38 AMA
NEUFELDT STEVEN 3901/23/2017 03:07 AMA
OLIVER RHONDA 4901/23/2017 03:03 AMA
WASHINGTON KENNETH 4401/23/2017 02:01 AMA
KING ABIGAIL 2201/23/2017 12:31 AMI
MARING DENNIS 5001/23/2017 12:17 AMA
HOOVER DERRICK 2801/23/2017 12:12 AMA
BERGMAN NATHAN 2601/22/2017 11:47 PMI
FELTEN SARA 2001/22/2017 11:46 PMI
HOWARD AARON 2001/22/2017 10:15 PMI
WASHINGTON KENNETH 4401/22/2017 09:25 PMI
MCCOY MICHAEL 3001/22/2017 09:14 PMA
JOSEPHSEN RICK 5401/22/2017 08:47 PMI
LINDSEY CHAD 4201/22/2017 07:54 PMA
MOANG NYAKOUTH 2001/22/2017 07:46 PMA
FURCHTENICHT JEANNE 4701/22/2017 06:41 PMA
ALBERTY CHRISTOPHER 2601/22/2017 05:22 PMA
MCKEE MADISON 2001/22/2017 05:15 PMA
THOMAS ALEXANDRA 2501/22/2017 04:51 PMA
WARM NATHAN 2801/22/2017 02:57 PMA
MCINTIRE JESSICA 2301/22/2017 02:25 PMI
LEMKER JAMES 5301/22/2017 01:13 PMA
TODD SARAH 3401/22/2017 11:33 AMA
DALTON ROGER 5501/22/2017 10:32 AMA
POPE TEMARCO 2301/22/2017 08:28 AMI
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